Nuclear Testing / Nuclear Thyroidology

At the Thyroid Center of Santa Monica, nuclear medicine treatments for thyroid cancer and thyroid nodules offer a less invasive alternative to surgery. Nuclear thyroidology involves uptake and imaging for thyroid conditions including cancer, nodules, and hyperthyroidism using radioiodine therapy.

Dr. Richard Guttler does thyroid scans and performs outpatient radioiodine therapy for thyroid cancer using a 150-millicurie dose of I-131. He personally performs all studies, with no technicians. He uses Thyrogen for testing cancer patients, and also as an off-label use for cancer therapy.

Dr. Guttler also uses radioiodine therapy for large non-toxic goiters, as an alternative to surgery. He also does off-label Thyrogen-stimulated non-toxic goiter radioiodine therapy to shrink goiters.

To schedule a nuclear medicine study in Santa Monica, California, please call Santa Monica's Thyroid Center today at (310) 393-8860 or request a consultation now using our online form.